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The accurate planning and design of a network is the primary key to overall network reliability and performance. Antero Technology Group will evaluate your specific wants and needs, and create a network solution catered to fit your business. Using the latest technologies and techniques available, we will design a network that is secure, efficient, and lucrative, as well as expandable and upgradeable, two vital components of a good network. Certified in the latest technologies and programs, the employees at Antero Technology Group ensure an excellent and swift installation of your network system. On site work will be approached with minimum disruption to your education or office environment. We also provide top notch project management for timely delivery and a successful finished product. Antero Technology Group is well versed in the art and implementation of cabling. Using the latest products available CAT 5, CAT5E. we are able to provide our customers with reliable, long-lasting service that includes analyzing, code compliance, and proper certification of cable and cabling systems. Once your network is in place, Antero Technology Group offers a robust set of services for your business or education facility. We offer excellent technical support and an emergency response network. We provide these services to our customers to make sure that your network and your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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